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In today’s fast-paced environment, taking full advantage of massive amounts of data available to businesses is a prerequisite for success. You need to gather and quickly make sense of all data, in diverse forms, and on multiple platforms. This means going beyond spreadsheets and basic reports and moving to a fast, engaging and visual way of presenting data.

Give your business users the solution they need to access, transform and visualise your data in a repeatable, self-service way. SAP Lumira point and click interface and engaging visualisations allow you to quickly analyse data for rapid time to insight and business agility – no scripting required.

  • Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Maximise business knowledge with a combination of big picture insights and granular details
  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department's workload
  • Visualise any amount of data in real time – with SAP HANA
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